Sosu - Smooth Wax Sheet For Men 40 Pcs

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Wide part even rooted in a moment, hair removal. Sticky, naturally-occurring pine-yani wax entangles unwanted hair, and then simply remove hair from hair roots. Without medicine and water, hair loss can be done anytime and anywhere immediately. It is a sheet of a large size, you can easily process a wide range of hair at one time. Firmly catch the waste hair from the hair root, the waste hair should be noticeable and smooth skin. Smooth skin lasts up to 4 weeks. You can spend 28 days without worrying about unwanted hair. Use of natural pine jani: It is a sheet of 100 % natural pine Jani, it relieves without putting a burden on the skin than a razor. No artificial additives. With wiping oil: After hair removal, you can get rid of the dirt left on your skin with the oil. When it is hard to get hair: When the pine jani heats up, it becomes easy to stick. Warm the two wax sheets so that they can be lightly rubbed with both hands. How to use: Peel off a pair of two sheets. Stick a sheet along the flow of hair and rub it 10 times. Peel immediately in the opposite direction to the hair flow. Completion of Turusbe skin in no time. Cut too long hair to about 2 to 5 mm. Sometimes too short or thick hair cannot be removed. When using the same part repeatedly, be sure to leave a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) or more. It will be difficult to get rid of oil and water on your skin, so do not apply cream or lotion beforehand. It is hard to come off slowly, peel at a stretch. Apply a cold towel or the like after hair removal to reduce hot flashes.

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