Kose - Softymo Lachesca Cleansing Sheet 50 Pcs Moist

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Newly developed sheet which confined a lot of liquid, refreshed pores. Moreover, it is comfortable to the skin gentle. Three layers of cushion structure confined plenty of liquid, realizing a sheet full of juts. Three kinds of ultra fine fibers adhere tightly to the skin, just wipe gently to remove make-up and dirt on the pores firmly. Superior large sheet of four roles. The sheet is a large size of 15cm 20cm. One piece completes makeup removal, pore cleansing, washing the face, and lotion effect. A plastic cap which is easy to use with snap closing. Artichoke and peppermint extracts that can be expected to have a moisturizing effect, malic acid, which is said to soften keratin, citric acid. Natural makeup, even for eyelash extensions. How to use: Take out one sheet and fold in a quarter and wipe off the makeup gently without rubbing it strongly. Use poetry auto while using poetry so that you can wipe it off with a clean surface, and complete when nothing gets stuck. Nothing to wash away. Pack Size - 50 pcs

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