Shiseido - Integrate Beauty Trick Eyebrow Br731

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4 color palette of eyebrow & nose shadow & highlight color. The illusion of light and shadow is added to the eyebrows and nose muscles (the eye-nose standing zone) to produce small face tricks. Long lasting prescription with beautiful finish for a long time. How to use: Before starting use, loosen the tip of the brush. Effective usage to show small face. [Highlight color] A color (leftmost color) Apply A to the finger or nose shadow brush and blend it with the T zone and eyebrows. [Eyebrow] B color (second color from the left), C color (third color from the left), D color (rightmost color) (1) Take B on the eyebrow brush, from the eyebrow head to the middle of the eyebrows blur toward you. (2) Blur C toward the eyebrows from about 1/4 of the eyebrows. (3) D is drawn from Mt. [Nose shadow] B color (second color from the left) Take B on the finger or brush for nose shadow, and lightly blur along the side of the nose from under the eyebrows.

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