Sun Family - Mould Proof Container For Bathroom 1 Pc

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Japan-made Bio Kun magic Mould proof container (For kitchen). Biological principles of special antifungal enzyme, effectively break the mold, the smell, avoid the walls, floors, moldy. For bathrooms, room, closet, trash, etc, valid for six months. Japan-made, imported goods, quality assurance Japan developed biological principles, consisted of about 50 billion microbes, a special anti-mildew enzyme, effective decomposition caused by the walls, floor or clothing mold. Easy to use, gently one can play a role in significant deodorizing effect, natural mildew nemesis. Validity of about half a year after opening, across the wet weather in spring and summer, against mildew. Safe non-toxic, suitable for young children, the elderly tend to have a home or allergic persons . Hong Kong's humid weather, damp easy to mold your home. How to use: Put the mold proof box inside your bathroom for 6 months.

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