Homeo Beau - Lotion 210Ml

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Homeo Beau LOTION containing Fullerene, Proteoglycan, Penetration vitamin C derivatives. It is important to hold the moisture firmly than give moisture from the outside, in order to keep the basic skin power. The key of conditioning the stratum corneum is NMF which exists in the stratum corneum and 60 % of NMF is made of amino acids. Homeo Beau lotion contains amino acid ingredients in a well-balanced manner and sustains freshness of the skin. Contained Fullerene has an effect to eliminate active oxygen that causes all kinds of skin troubles. Fullerene has really strong power to elminate active axygen, which is 172 times power of vitamin C. Blended Proteoglycan exerts a water retention function so as to embrace a large amount of moisture and fill the gaps between collagen fibers. Moreover, it has the same effect as EGF which has an important role of turnover normalization, and that's why, Proteoglycan is now gaining attention as a new rejuvenating component. Homeo Beau LOTION contains a revolutionary vitamin C derivative that combines both water-soluble and oil-soluble characteristics. Its penetration power is about 100 times higher than conventional vitamin C derivatives! It penetrates deeper into the skin and actively synthesizes collagen, which occupies 70 % of the dermis, and actively approaches wrinkles and sagging.

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