Creer Beaute - Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Tint Gloss - 5 Types

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Be the heroine of your makeup story with these intricately designed Sailor Moon tint gloss. Each gloss boasts a matching colored formula that magically changes into a vibrant pink hue when applied on lips. From the cosmetic brand Miracle Romance of Sailor Moon, a lip gloss with a cute moon rod and a star power stick motif will appear. Adopt color change prescription for lip gloss. After a while after application, it trains a fresh, lively pink color as if it were transformed. It changes color in response to the moisture content of the lips, you can enjoy your own pink color. The tinting formula is good and it is hard to lose color, the bright coloring lasts for a long time. In addition, with the fitting oil formulation, it is less sticky to be in close contact with the lips, and it blends in with a light feeling of use. The body is also designed to stick to every corner, such as a size that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, and a colon with a volume that is cute from any angle. The cap part plated with gold color and the stick part which the lip gloss of clear color is transparent are also excellent compatibility.

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