Chinoshio - Alkaline Wash Sodium Sesquicarbonate 1000G

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Alkaline Wash is a home Cleansing Soda. Raw material for Alkaline Wash is Sodium Sesquicarbonate, which is also used as a bathing powder. In addition to using for all of house cleaning up purpose, you can also use the powder for laundry. Recommended to refill the powder into your favorite container. How to use: Laundry of Light Dirt Dissolve 10-15g of powder into 30L of water and wash. Heavy Dirt/ Oil Stain Put 10-15g of powder per 30L of water and pre-wash for 2-3 minutes. After that, apply usual laundry wash precedure with putting usual detergent and wash it. Partial dirt such as Collar and Cuffs Spray the liquid which is made with the powder and water, to the collar and cuffs and hand-wash the dirty parts. After that, start the washing machine. Make sure you increase / decrease the amount of use and storage time depending on the amount of dirt and laundry. If the laundry becomes hardened or sticky, please try reducing the amount of powder. Oil Stains around the Range. Spray the liquid made of the powder and water, and wipe off. How To Make a Spray: Dissolve 5g in 500ml of water. Wash your spray container thoroughly before use. Please be sure to use up the liquid you have prepared as soon as possible.

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