Coringco - Gold Peeling 28 Day Spicule Serum Set 4Pcs 3G X 4Pcs

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A brand new skin renewal solution offering intensive care on exfoliation and skin elasticity enhancement within 28 days Contain 99 % 24K Gold which supplies rich moisture and nutrition and helps strengthen skin barrier, to vitalize tired, sensitive skin and alleviate stress for healthy skin condition Active Spicule ingredients stay for 72 hours to continuously stimulate inner skin for dead skin cell reduction, sebum control, pore contraction and wrinkle enhancement How to use: 1. After facial cleansing, soothe and moisturize your skin with skin or toner. 2. Dispense a moderate amount of serum and evenly apply to your face. 3. Gently massage for 10 minutes. It is normal to feel the heat and the skin might slightly turn red. 4. Lightly dap for absorption and sleep without rinsing off. Caution: 1. It is not suggested to go for sauna, exercise or drink alcohol during the day after using the product. 2. Do not apply the product to other areas expect face, hand and wrist.

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