Excel - Simulation Shadow - 4 Types

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Cream-type eye shadow that enhances three-dimensionality and gloss with exquisite pearl mix. Adheres closely to the eyes. A cream-type eye shadow that creates a beautiful skeleton by simply extending it thinly, enhancing the three-dimensionality and gloss. The exquisite pearl MIX of high quality textures creates a three-dimensional building and beautiful gloss by skipping dullness. Can also be used as an eye shadow base. It is a light color that is easy to match with your shadow. By adopting Powderic Formula, the cream turns into powder when extended, making it difficult to finish. Excel gold-mix prescription (gold pearl) and wonderful particle nuance pearl exquisite pearl mix eliminates dullness and enhances the three-dimensional effect. Squalane (moisturizing ingredient) and lipid combination keeps moisture. Smart compact type with visible contents.

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