Dariya - Anna Donna Estep Time Switch Sleeping Pack 100G

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Paying attention to the difference in skin environment between the daytime and nighttime, it is a beauty law that care is taken with the appropriate items in two time zones (morning - daytime, evening - night). Protect the skin with double function of pack and cream that does not wash, switch to healthy skin with clean surface. In the night, pay attention to the fact that skin troubles increase due to the influence of external damage during the day. Supports skin recovery function at night's skin care. Three component formulations to prevent skin roughness and make it healthy skin. Evening primrose extract (skin texture component), himefuro extract (skin roughness preventing ingredient), time extract (moisturizing ingredient). How to use: After washing the face, take an appropriate amount (cherry 1 mouth as a guide) in the palm of your hand and let it fit the whole face. You can rest as it is without washing it off.

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