Dhc - Nail Care Oil Rose & Jasmine

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Nail Care Oil is a brush pen-type essence for nails that allows you to relax with natural aromas while performing concentrated nail care. Keeping your delicate nails and cuticles safe from external stimuli. Contains natural essential oil with elegant rose and jasmine scent. How to use: Remove the lid and turn the dial at the bottom of the container clockwise little by little. Apply on the cuticle and the entire nail, and apply a light massage with your thumb. When using it for the first time, turn it slowly about 30 times, making sure that the liquid comes out at the tip of the brush. When turning the dial, be sure to remove the lid and be careful not to turn it too much. When applying nail color immediately after using DHC Nail Care Oil, wipe off the oil on the nail surface. Can also be used for toenails and cuticles. Pack Size - 2.5g

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