Sana - Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Emulsion N 150Ml

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Wrinkle line has been renewed. In addition to isoflavone-containing fermented soybean milk, pure uretinol is newly formulated. Powerful moisturizing with rich texture. Rich surface with moisturizing ingredients increased to 120 % softens skin. Pure Retinol x Fermented Soymilk [Pure Retinol x Fermented Soymilk Combined with Real Skin Care] A brand-new blend of pureretinol in addition to the original isoflavone-containing soymilk fermented liquid from Smooth Honpo. Gives skin a firmness and elasticity. Make dry fine wrinkles inconspicuous by drying by careful care of night. Recommend night care with less skin stress. Night care is effective. Three-step stacking care. The moisturizing power is also improved with a new surface for the lotion. In addition, it is encouraged to use the wrinkle line together with the newly released night cream.

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