Apple Tree - Vitamin Story Max Multi Vitamin & Mineral For Teen 800Mg X 90 Tablets

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Benefits: Suppliers essential vitamins for teenagers. Its phytochemicals contains 15 kinds of plants-derived nutrients. Provides 13 kinds of Vitamins and 4 kinds of Minerals at once. Benefits of some essential vitamins: Vitamin A to preserve eyes from night blindness. Vitamin B Complex helps improve energy levels, hormones and cholesterol production . Vitamin C helps body to absorb Iron, improve the immune system, wound healing. Vitamin E protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin D3 improves bone health and helps body to absorb Calcium and Phosphorus. Benefits of essential minerals: Zinc helps improve the immune system and cell division. Copper together with iron, it enables the body to form red blood cells and protects cells from free radicals. Manganese helps the formation of bones and improves energy level. Iodine promotes thyroid health and improves energy level. Recommend for the followings: Who has a irregular living and eating habits lead to lack of vitamins. Who hopes to maintain the health body basis. Who wants to be energised again instead of feeling tired all day long. Who hopes to improve the health of bones. Who always study late in the night. Who eat less vegetables and fruits leads to lack of vitamins and minerals. Who wishes to be healthy and has a fast metabolism. Direction: Take 1 tablet per day with water.

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