Simsim Japan - Mouth Care Pk Oil Spray 20Ml

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99 % natural plant ingredients. Oral moisturizing spray. Based on sesame oil, it contains tea catechin and propolis to improve the oral environment. In addition, there is a refreshing feeling with peppermint which has menthol effect. Tea catechin (cha leaf extract-coco green). In general, catechins extracted with ethanol or the like (water-soluble) are used, but catechins of this product contain all green tea components extracted directly into oil at high concentrations. It has become possible to stabilize the effects of catechin for a long time. Catechin has a strong antioxidant effect and keeps the mouth clean. Propolis, it is said to be a natural deodorant and antibacterial ingredient. Tea tree oil, has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and prepares the oral environment Mentha (peppermint) oil, refreshing and fresh with menthol. Prevents dry mouth (dry mouth measures), keeps the mouth healthy. If left untreated, dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, increased tartar, and associated bad breath. It is said that spray with high moisturizing power will work as a countermeasure. How to use: For dry mouth measures. Spray a little with spray, easy mouth care When you worried about bad breath when you wake up or after a meal, or dry mouth, just blow a little.

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