La Casta - Aroma Esthe Hair Soap 21 Smooth Refill 600Ml

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The damaged hair is gently washed out by the amino acid-based cleansing ingredients, and herbal extracts including organic plant ingredients care hair and scalp. Combine the active ingredients of the plant in a well-balanced manner, and finish it with beautiful hair with shiny smoothness. The fragrance of citrus herbs blended with essential oils such as lavender and grapefruit relaxes the feeling and gives a refreshing feeling. How to use: Take the amount of about 500 yen coffee, spread it in the palm of your hand, whisk lightly and spread on the whole hair. Firmly foam whilst using the fingers' belly to contain air and wash foam like gently wrapping it. In order to prevent friction to the hair causing the bruise, it is a point to whisk plenty. Considering the lift-up effect, shampoo while massaging in a zigzag way to raise the scalp. Draw a circle with your finger or move it zigzag to massage.

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