Acro - Three For Men Gentling Emulsion 100Ml

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It leads to supple and firm skin and keeps it refreshing. Emulsion that smoothens the skin of men who tend to be sticky and maintains a refreshing feeling. A moisture barrier prevents dryness and keeps the sticky and shine-free comfort. For a fresh and clean skin impression. How to use: Shake the container lightly with the cap closed, and mix the ingredients inside. Put the appropriate amount (1 to 2 pushes in the morning, 2 to 3 pushes in the evening) on one palm, and add the other palm to warm the emulsion for 3 seconds. After extending lightly to the palms of your hands, cover your face with both hands and breathe several times while breathing in the scent. After taking a deep breath, apply the emulsion on both cheeks, forehead and chin. At this time, use both hands to slide outward from the center of the face. Apply the applied emulsion while drawing a small circle so that it massages using the belly of your finger. Be especially careful in areas where there is a lot of sebum or where it is dry. After applying to the entire face, apply to the side of the ear, behind the ear, the base of the ear, the side of the neck, and the front of the neck. Finally, gently wrap the entire face and apply it with the palm weight.

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