Mandom - Lucido Q10 Ageing Care Lotion - 2 Types

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Man natural skin care from 40 years old. Contains coenzyme Q10 and osmotic amino acids. It penetrates into the stratum corneum and prepares for fresh skin. Refreshing feeling of use preferred by men. No fragrance, no color, preservative free. Total Care: Total care line which measures all seven troubles of the skin which begin to be anxious with age (Kaza, stain, dry fine lines, lose razor, shine, dullness, lack of stiffness) with all this one. It is a lotion that prevents puffiness and prepares for fresh skin. Refreshing: We cope with all skin trouble with age with one. Be sticky and cool. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (approximately 500 yen for the entire face) in your hands after washing your face, beard sleigh, bathing, etc. Pack Size - 110ml

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