Bathclin - Fragrance Style Bath Salt 600G - 3 Types

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A luxurious fragrance-like bathing agent like a perfume worn on a special day. It is a bath powder (powder) with a luxurious fragrance-like fragrance, such as perfumes on special occasions. Luxury fragrance scent is a high-quality scent that blends and blends three notes of perfume (scent) top middle last. Lady Lavand is like this scene. Spend on the open terrace where you can feel the wind. My holiday is a bergamot lavender-like scent inspired by the beauty of dignity. How to use: Please dissolve in hot water (200L) in the bath at a rate of 20-30g. From the bottom of the container cap to the bottom line is about 20g. About 30g is a half and a half.

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