Kao - Mens Biore Foam Facial Wash 150Ml - 3 Types

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Facial cleanser of a skin care idea that can come out with fine bubbles, wash gently, can also prevent acne. A handful of rice cakes with hands cannot be made with 1 push. Bubbles become dirty and float up, even if it does not rub strongly with hands, it gently cleanses it. Bactericidal anti-inflammatory ingredients. Sterilize acne bacteria, suppress inflammation of the skin, prevent acne firmly. Menthol without alcohol blending. Scent of citrus herbs How to use: When pushing the pump, it will come out as bubbles. Gently wet the face, pick up the appropriate amount (about 2 pump press) and let it fit. When shaving, you shave it as it is. Also rinse well. Do not press the pump with direct water.

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